Betty Pollock, Over 40 Years Of Delivering Great Service

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Betty Pollock, Over 40 Years Of Delivering Great Service

Staff | September 2019

Photo of Betty PollockBetty Pollock was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where she attended Benjamin Franklin High School. In 1954, she moved to Silver Spring, Maryland. Drs. Morgenstein and Levy opened their practice in 1970 and Betty responded to their ad for an assistant and front desk receptionist. Almost 50 years later, we feel so lucky to have Betty continue to work with us!

Under the tutelage of Drs. Morgenstein and Levy, Betty gained experience on the job, and she literally learned the profession of dentistry by working with patients every day. Like so many others who came into contact with him, she held great a great amount of admiration for Dr. Morgenstein.  Betty describes Dr. M as a wonderful dentist and a great teacher with an outstanding amount of compassion for his patients and team members.  Over the years, Betty has contributed to the growth of the practice, and to see it grow from a brand new practice with only a few patients into the success it is today has been very rewarding. 

Betty stayed with our practice in 2013 when the name transitioned to Drs. Ensor, Johnson and Lewis, aka EJL Dental. We have always been, and remain, the premier comprehensive dental and orthodontic practice in the Rockville, Bethesda and Kensington, MD area. Drs. Ensor, Johnson and Lewis have continued to keep Betty’s interest in dentistry alive. She describes the doctors as responsible, gentle and kind, and she is proud to see that they have upheld the practice’s long-standing ideals of practicing outstanding care in a warm, family-style environment.  These days, her part-time duties include working with insurance claims and billing, and contributing lots of laughs and good cheer to our days. Even though she no longer works at the front desk, she still has the opportunity to maintain close relationships she has built with patients over the years. To her, they don’t feel like professional acquaintances but rather, family. What started out as a young dental practice has now become generational as we often see the children (and even grandchildren!) of patients that were just kids when the practice opened almost 50 years ago.  

Betty is one of five siblings, the mother of three children, grandmother of five, step-grandmother of 2, great-grandmother of four, and step-great-grandmother of 4, so she gets lots of family time!  In her leisure time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, go out to dinner, vacation, read, and visit the theater. 

When we asked Betty why she has stayed with our practice for so long, she said the answer was simple:   the doctors have always maintained a high regard for both their patients and staff, and have treated them very well. The feeling of ‘our’ practice has been instrumental to the well-being our our patients and team. If you are looking for a dental practice that not only caters to every member of your family but makes you feel a part of their own family, then EJL Dental is right for you! 

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