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Caring For Your Braces This Fall

Staff | August 2023

Fall can be a busy season, especially if you are going back to school or headed off to college. We want you to worry less about your braces and more about enjoying this time of year and getting back into your new routine so we have put together a simple guide to caring for braces.  



If you’re planning on fun physical activities then make sure you have a mouthguard, especially for any contact sports.  You can get these over-the-counter at any sporting goods store, just make sure it says “for braces” on the package.

Snacks and Treats

Try to avoid hard foods or sticky treats. That way you limit the risk of breaking something. Soft foods and snacks are fine - just remember to brush and floss!


Most issues won’t cause any actual discomfort and we can address them anytime.  When you do have any issues, please make an appointment and we can fix whatever problem you might be having. Just in case you have questions, here are some common problems and quick fixes:

Loose or broken bracket - If a bracket does come loose, we recommend placing a small bit of rolled up wax over the bracket if needed to reduce any irritation it might cause. 

Cheek irritation - Use your wax. Keep in mind that wax sticks best to an area that is dry. Treat sores with an oral antiseptic, which should be found easily at any grocery store or pharmacy.

Wire poke or break - You might get a wire poking your mouth in the back. In that case, try to use something soft (a pencil eraser works well) to bend the wire back if possible and then cover with wax.

Loose or lost elastic tie - If you notice one is loose or missing, don’t worry, this is not an emergency. Just make an appointment with us as soon as you can and we'll replace it.

Wear Sunblock

We know this does not have anything to do with your teeth but proper protection even in the fall from the harmful rays of the sun is important too! Wear sunblock and reapply often.

Have Fun

Lastly, enjoy your fall!


Come by and meet me, Dr.Timothy Johnson, and the entire staff to see what we mean. Click below or call us at (301) 881-6170 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We can’t wait to meet you and your teen!

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