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EJL’s Doctors Recognized In Bethesda’s Best 2019!

Staff | March 2019

Photo of Dr. Lauren Lewis and Dr. Shailja Dhir EnsorAt EJL Dental, we strive for excellence when it comes to our patients. We are truly a team here and therefore when any of our team members succeed, we all share in celebrating that success. That said, we want to thank YOU, our patients, without whom the recent recognition of two of our great dentists, Dr. Lauren Lewis and Dr. Shailja Dhir Ensor, would not have been possible. We are proud to announce that both were recently named as ‘Top Vote Getters’ in Bethesda’s Best of 2019 readers pick for Best Pediatric Dentists.


Bethesda Magazine is a publication tailor made for people living in Bethesda and the surrounding areas.  Topics covered are both entertaining and informative. The Best of Bethesda awards are determined democratically using a voting system where readers can cast their vote for their favorite professionals in various industries. EJL Dental extends a hearty congratulations to Dr. Lewis and Dr. Ensor! Being named runners up is a testament to the great service they offer day in and day out to our patients. It’s truly fitting that they have received such high praise from our community, in fact, if you know them you would “get” the hype.   In case you have not met them, allow us to offer a bit more insight on these two outstanding dentists.


Dr. Shailja Dhir Ensor’s smile is big as her heart!  Her love for patients and their dental health is even bigger! From the tender age of ten, Dr. Ensor knew she wanted to be a dentist. In fact, when she was just 16 years old, her pediatric dentist hired her as a part-time dental assistant in his Columbia office and she has been in the field ever since!  Not long after, Dr. Ensor pursued and acquired her dental qualifications.  To this day, she remains extremely passionate about her chosen profession! Her calm and gentle nature are lovable traits that her “little” patients absolutely adore about...not to mention the peace of mind it offers to their parents who quickly realize their sons and daughters are in good hands. Dr. Ensor takes the time necessary to ensure that all her pediatric patients are comfortable and that their dental experience leaves good memories (makes it much easier for the next appointment).  She is also very proud of having acquired, over time, the unique skill set required to work with special needs kids. She sees her attendance of continuing education meetings and seminars, as a mission in life to be able to provide her patients access to advances in dental treatments and therapeutic options. Her commitment to staying on the forefront of what is new and exciting in pediatric dentistry is highly commendable, but truly it is her “bedside manner” and ability to keep it fun for her youthful patients that make her a highly sought after local pediatric dentist.  


Our other just as special pediatric dentist, Dr. Lauren Lewis, took her inspiration from her childhood observations of her mom, Diane Lewis, who worked for many years with special needs patients at a pediatric dental office. She realized how much of an impact she could have on a family who has children with special needs by just being kind and patient. Dr. Lewis went on to excel in the pursuit and achievement of her academic goals to make her dentistry dream a reality. Her time with EJL Dental continues to be well spent as she enjoys interacting with her little patients and their parents. Along with the heartwarming interactions that occur daily, Dr. Lewis really feels a sense of fulfillment and reward in getting to know all of her patients’ personalities and loves seeing them grow up.  She knows how lucky she is to wake up every day and do exactly what she loves to do. Here in the office, we recognize that we, as well as our patients are also lucky to such a passionate and committed dentist in our lives.


We are very grateful that Dr. Ensor and Dr. Lewis have not gone unnoticed by the members of our community. We thank both of them for their daily contributions and for always making our patients happy! If you have not yet met them, we invite you to come visit us. We can cater to every member of your family, kids and adults alike, including those with special needs. We would love to see you soon!

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