Get To Know More About Dr. Jessica Weber!

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Get To Know More About Dr. Jessica Weber!

Staff | December 2020

In February 2012, EJL Dental eagerly welcomed Dr. Jessica Weber to our dental practice family. Her hardworking, kind and silly nature has certainly made our everyday interactions delightful. So who really is Dr. Weber and what’s her role here at EJL Dental?

Well, Dr. Weber obtained her undergraduate degree from Villanova University and then graduated in 2011 with her Doctorate of Dental Surgery and Advanced Education in General Dentistry from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Since joining EJL Dental in 2012, she has devoted much of her time making sure our adult special needs patients are cared for at the highest level. It can be difficult to find dentists with the perfect combination of  aptitude and patience to care for this population, but she has been able to provide not just routine care, but also perform crowns, fillings and root canals for many patients with special needs.  She also developed a personal interest in dental sleep medicine after her son was diagnosed with sleep apnea at age three. She saw how his life changed completely when his sleep apnea was treated, and she is proud to be able to offer that treatment to her adult patients.

Dr. Weber’s genuine love of dentistry stems from being able to connect with our patients, especially those who are anxious about dentistry or have special needs. 

“I know that patients don’t always see the effort that I am putting into making their fillings or crowns “just right,” or the hours I spend taking continuing education classes, but it makes me happy to be able to provide that level of care to them. I love being able to quickly, inexpensively and predictably improve someone’s smile by doing composite veneers. For 25% the cost of traditional veneers and in one appointment, I have been able to give patients the smile they have always wanted. It is incredibly satisfying to see someone who has been self-conscious about the spacing or discolorations of their teeth beam when they see the final result!” - Dr. Jessica Weber 

At EJL Dental, we always try to meet the patient where they are. We understand that life gets in the way, and we are here to do whatever we can to help patients overcome those obstacles. Dr. Weber is really proud of the way our practice has banded together to give patients the same high-quality dental experiences while modifying our patient flow to keep everyone safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

On a personal note, camping and building things are on top of the ‘things I love to do’ list for Dr. Weber. She embodies the phrase “It’s too nice to be inside!” so she and her family spend half of their summer in their camper and love to camp at the area beaches. They spend as much time as they can outside. Dr. Weber and her husband have also been building a treehouse for their children in their backyard!

So what exactly is her family life like? Dr. Weber got married in 2010 and has three biological children - Anna (7), Ryan (5.5) and Ella (4). In 2019, she and her husband became foster parents to two siblings who have since reunited with their family. They worked hard to build a great relationship with the children’s family so they could keep in touch with them, and are proud to be able to text and facetime with them often! They currently have a 2-year-old foster son and his 3-month-old sibling, and while she never saw herself as a mom of five, Dr. Weber says it definitely feels right! She is proudest of her biological kids’ ability to connect with their foster children and to treat them like family. Her youngest always draws all of her foster siblings in family pictures, even though two are no longer here, “because they are always our family!”

Dr. Weber and her beautiful family

Dr. Weber proudly declares that her children have helped her to become the best version of herself. She is grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach her children values that she holds dear, such as honesty and kindness. Even in her work life she embodies these traits to make each day memorable. Dr. Weber and our team would love to cater to the dental needs of you and your family. So whenever you do visit us, be sure to ask Dr. Weber whether she is working on any cool DIY projects! 

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