Happy 50th Birthday EJL!

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Happy 50th Birthday EJL!

Staff | June 2020

As many of our readers may know, EJL Dental is the updated name for Morgenstein and Levy, which was originally established in 1970. We got our calculators out and 2020 marks our 50th year of creating healthier smiles within our community. Though we have been eagerly and diligently preparing our office to welcome you all back, we couldn’t let this milestone go by without putting together something extra special.

We are more than just a dental practice, we are a family and our practice is made up of amazing individuals. Many of whom have been on this journey with us for 30+ years and even 50 years! We had the chance to sit and go down memory lane with four members of our family who have been with us the longest.


“They’re my second family. Everyone is treated as though they’ve known you for your entire life”

Kathy joined our family 39 years ago and has worked closely with our pediatric and orthodontic patients. “Dr. Morgenstein brought to life in our practice an environment that was safe, comfortable and accommodating to special needs patients and that is something I’m very happy to know is very much alive 50 years later”. There has been many transformations over the years but the sense of family and philosophy on how to treat patients with care has remained top tier. Though Kathy has retired, she still comes into the office if we need a little extra help and she still enjoys being able to see our patients.


“Being a part of the practice has been tremendously fulfilling and it’s one of the best decisions I made. I’ve really enjoyed my time with the group” - Betty Pollock, front desk receptionist

Betty was the first employee of the practice 50 years ago and has played a very important role in the overall growth. She has welcomed the patients who came to our practice when it first started, and now their children’s children also come to our practice. “In 50 more years I hope EJL Dental continues to be successful while enjoying what they do and helping our community.” Betty describes her time at the office as exciting and is currently working with us part-time.


“We are a great team that work very hard because we’re all treated so well.”

Patti has been a member of our dental family for 49 years and has watched our practice as it grew from 2 pedodontists and 2 staff members to 2 general dentists, 3 pedodontists, an orthodontist and a staff of 30 people. “Dr. Ensor, Johnson and Lewis were all handpicked by Dr. Morgenstein and they’ve done an amazing job of delivering friendly and professional care to our patients”. One special tradition that has lived on since the beginning is the practice’s staff vacation every four years. We’ve been to Mexico, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Florida and we’re currently planning a trip for October. However, things may be put on hold depending on if it is safe to do so. 


“I’m most proud about our compassion and empathy for our special needs patients. It’s really the biggest plus of the practice.”

Cara joined our practice right out of college 40 years ago. Though there has been a transition of ownership and a shift towards modernized equipment, the commitment to treating everyone who walks through our doors like family, has not changed. “You don’t get bored, there’s always something to do and each day is different…even 40 years later.” Just like most of our members, Cara has grown with the practice. She started as a dental assistant then moved on to being a part of the front desk team and now she’s the billing manager. “It’s amazing that we have such a great environment that we want to keep being a part of the practice for as long as possible. There are a lot of friendships and benefits that keep you going”.

Smiles Over The Years

EJL employees in costume for Halloween 2019
Our team joined in on the Halloween fun in 2019!

Photo of Dr Lewis and two children
Dr. Lewis with two of our little patients with big smiles!

Photo of Dr. Ensor handing over a certificate to a pediatric patient
Dr. Ensor hands over a certificate to a proud patient

Dr Johnson with an orthodontic patient
The big day finally came! Dr. Johnson with an orthodontic patient

Dr Lewis and a pediatric patient
Dr. Lewis sure knows how to make our patients comfy!

Dr. Ensor showing her patients an x-tray
Dr. Ensor loves giving her patients a first hand look into their treatments

We thank our loyal dentists and staff for all their hard work and contributions throughout the years and we look forward to providing our clients with the best possible care.

EJL Dental

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