In The Spirit Of The New Year...

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In The Spirit Of The New Year...

Staff | December 2020

Happy New Year imageWhat a year 2020 has been! It goes without saying that it has been a year of challenges and change for us all. At EJL Dental, we would have sooner expected to win the lottery than to need to close our practice to all but emergencies due to the pandemic. But there we were, in the spring of 2020, doing just that in order to help attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. In June, we reopened, taking all recommended precautions, and happily began getting our patients back on track with their oral health. 

Amidst the many challenges, there have also been things worth celebrating. We would like to share some smile-worthy moments from some of the members of our team this year. On Halloween, Laura, one of our assistants, got married! Another assistant, Flora, is expecting her second daughter in April 2021. Charlotte welcomed her second great-grandchild in September, and Dr. Lewis also welcomed her nephew the same month! 

Like so many other practices, businesses and families, we at EJL had to deal with many tough situations this year. One of the major challenges we had to overcome was learning to cope in the face of the pandemic and the uncertainties that came with it. Today we are proud of the way our team came together and stepped up to learn and practice the new COVID-19 protocols. The can-do attitude and professionalism they displayed was essential in allowing us to open our doors and ensure optimal safety for our patients. Just like other health care teams around the world, we understand that we must take the best care possible to serve our patients. As a result, our team has gone above and beyond in carrying out this duty this past year. More than six months in, we are still practicing our “new normal”.  Although we may look a little different with the additional PPE that we wear, we still are the same courteous, considerate team caring for you and your family. 

As we progress through this new, promising year, we would love to see all of our patients back in the practice. To all of our patients who may have held off on coming in to see us, or missed their appointments because of the lockdown and quarantine measures, we are eager to see you again in the new year. Remember, regular dental care is paramount to maintain healthy teeth and gums, but it is also an important part of one’s overall health. At EJL Dental, we strive to provide optimal care to all of our patients. We hope that this year finds us all stronger, wiser, and full of renewed energy and enthusiasm! Happy 2021 to you and yours from your dental family!

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