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Meet Our Charismatic Orthodontic Coordinator Ashley Tolton!

Staff | August 2021

Many workplaces proclaim they are like family in the work environment, but EJL Dental is truly the epitome of family. Drs. Ensor, Johnson, and Lewis pride themselves on providing warm and friendly dental services to all ages, so it is only fitting that all members of the EJL team have the same philosophy. Our Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator, Ashley Tolton, is celebrating six years of service with the EJL team. If you have not met Ashley yet, this is your opportunity to see why she is such a valued gem at our practice!

From a young age, Ashley knew she was destined to have a career in dentistry because of her love for visiting the dentist and interest in the sciences. She was always curious about dentistry and was thrilled when her pediatric dentist would allow her to sit close for front row access to their process during her brother’s dental appointments. Ashley graduated with a degree in Biology from Elon University in North Carolina, where she also minored in Italian Studies. Just a few months after graduating in May 2015, she secured her position at EJL Dental as the Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator. In this post, she is responsible for  running the orthodontic side of the office-- she oversees and maintains Dr. Johnson’s schedule, communicates directly with orthodontic patients and their parents, provides orthodontic education to patients, and handles a multitude of other administrative duties.

While reflecting on her professional journey, she mentioned that even though EJL Dental is located forty miles away from her home, taking a job here was definitely worth it. Although she planned on applying to other dental practices that were geographically closer to home, EJL Dental captured her heart because of the “homey atmosphere”. Ashley absolutely loves when the plans for complex orthodontic cases come to fruition, and thinks witnessing the physical and emotional transformation of our patients after they have their braces removed is priceless. Over the span of time, Ashley has proven to be intrinsically ambitious and driven, but she says that her family has always been a pillar of support to her.

Ashley and her family celebrating at a family event.

Ashley describes her family unit as closely knit. The relationship that Ashley and her mother share could be identified as the best friendship she has since many things that Ashley accomplished would not have been possible without her mother’s guidance. 

Ashley’s family is never out of touch because there is always a celebration to be had.

Her parents and her younger brother, as well as her grandparents, have contributed to her appreciation for sincerity and honesty, since they share a relationship bound by affinity. 

On a typical Sunday morning you can find Ashley on a long walk with her dog, Logan, who was named after Wolverine. In her leisure time, Ashley can be found bonding with both sides of her family during family celebrations. Hanging out at game nights or roller skating with members of the “Vaccinated Girls Club”, who are all team members of EJL Dental, have recently become another favorite pastime. One fun fact to point out about Ashley is that she is a podcaster, which is quite ironic because she describes herself as an ambivert. 

Ashley and her dog, Logan, having some fun in the sun after a Sunday morning walk.

The team at EJL Dental feels so lucky to have a funny and proactive person such as Ashley celebrate six years of service with us! Her warm smile and infectious personality are appreciated by our patients. Ashley is very passionate about providing the best service to her patients. Whenever you book an appointment with our orthodontist Dr. Johnson, Ashley’s cheerful voice will be waiting on the other end of the line to greet you!

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