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Meet The ‘L’ In EJL Dental, Dr. Lauren Lewis

Staff | October 2019

Dr. Lauren Lewis grew up in Pittsburgh, but has been a Marylander since 1999 when she became a Terrapin at the University of Maryland, College Park and met her husband, Dr. Mehran Rouhanian. Dr. Lewis graduated in 2007 from the University of Maryland’s Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.  She then gained some invaluable experience helping children and adults with special needs while on staff at Kernan Hospital Dental Clinic in Baltimore. In 2008, she began her residency in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and received her Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry in 2010.  A year later, she received her board certification from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Fast forward to today, Dr. Lewis is also now a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Maryland Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She strongly believes in continuing her education by attending highly accredited courses and by learning from her patients’ experiences. 

Who really is Dr. Lauren Lewis? What drives her to provide exceptional care for her little patients, foster a family environment and manage the complexities of catering to her little patients, especially those with special needs? When asked about this, Dr. Lewis spoke empathically about being of service to others as her main driving force. Her inspiration first stemmed from her childhood observations of her mom, Diane Lewis, who worked with special needs patients at a pediatric dental office. "After that, I  realized how much of an impact I could have on a family who has children with special needs by just being kind and patient and providing the care for them that everyone deserves." It was then she decided she only wanted to be a Pediatric Dentist!

Over the years there would have been many memorable moments in her professional life.  One particularly heartwarming experience for her was when a patient who does not have special needs was sitting in a chair in the open bay next to a patient who has Autism. When the young girl saw that the boy with Autism was having a difficult time cooperating for his appointment because of his anxiety, she got up and went over to the boy, held his hand and calmed him down. After treatment was complete, the two patients gave each other a hug! This was a wonderful experience for Dr. Lewis, as well as for the parents of both of these patients. Along with the heartwarming occurrences, Dr. Lewis really feels a sense of fulfillment and reward in getting to know all of her patients personalities and seeing them grow up.

On a personal note, Dr. Lewis enjoys spending time with her family. Her two daughters, Ava and Ariana, are quite involved in extracurricular activities including soccer, tennis, ice skating and ballet and so being a part of those activities and watching them grow is very important to her. When she's not off being a soccer mom, she enjoys a good stretch in her yoga practice and also enjoys a good game of tennis. In fact, it's a dream of hers to one day go to all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. So far she has been to the US Open and Wimbledon is next on the list!

Dr. Lewis with her husband Dr. Mehran Rouhanian and daughters  Ava and Arianna 

Everyone has someone in their life whom they believe have helped shape them into the person they are today. For Dr. Lewis, it's not just one person. Her success, not only in her practice but her life, has come from the support of her family. Her mom, her husband, and the late Dr. Morgenstein who’s her mentor and former owner of EJL Dental which was previously known as Drs. Morgenstein and Levy, all played significant roles in her life. Dr. Lewis believes that loyalty is one of the core values that every person should have. “Staying loyal and true to people, the practice and what you stand for” is what she aims to live by every day.  Those are just some of the reasons why our employees and patients adore her, as she does them! Now that you're acquainted with Dr. Lauren Lewis, schedule an appointment with us today! She and the rest of our team would love to meet your little one!

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