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Nancy Molock Is Dedicated To Your Oral Health

Staff | November 2021

Many of us don’t make the connection between our oral health and our overall health. Nancy Molock does. She knows that helping you maintain the health of your mouth and jaws can help you lead a healthier, happier life. 

Nancy was always interested in a career in healthcare. When she attended University of Maryland, she received a strong background in the sciences. After graduation, Nancy started volunteering at a dental clinic that donated care to families in need. That experience cemented her career path and she enrolled in Dental Hygiene School. Within a few days of joining us at EJL Dental, we recognized her skill, professionalism and ease with patients, and she became a permanent member of the EJL team. In October, we celebrated her 6th work anniversary with our practice!

“What I find the most satisfying about my job is being able to help patients. I educate them on the importance of oral health and how it relates to the health of the entire body. It’s gratifying to screen for any issues and teach others the techniques and habits for a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the wonderful relationships I have with our patients and people in the office.“ Nancy shared. 


When you come in for your preventative care appointments every six months, Nancy and our other excellent hygienists provide important services, including: 

  • Deep cleaning of teeth and gums
  • Preventing and treating gum disease
  • Screening for oral cancers
  • Taking diagnostic x-rays
  • Providing whitening treatments
  • Applying sealants to protect children’s teeth

Nancy’s career as a dental hygienist is a high priority in her life. She is dedicated to caring for  our patients and her family. Outside of the office, Nancy’s life is very fulfilling. She and her husband Damany have two beautiful, young daughters and they are expecting a third child in December! We wish them well on this joyous arrival.  

As Nancy would tell you, dental hygiene is an important part of your daily lifestyle and a pathway to optimal health. Take great care of yourself! Be sure to make your dental cleaning appointments every six months. You can call the office at (301) 881-6170 or schedule online. 

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