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Lauren Lewis | March 2016

Providing Excellent Dental Care for Every Member of the Family

All our patients are important to us and receive special, personalized care. However, some family members may need additional accommodations. During the month of March, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we are highlighting our commitment to serve the needs of every family member. Since our founding in 1970, this practice has prided itself in providing a nurturing environment and excellent care for all family members, regardless of emotional, physical or mental disabilities. Our continuum of care is lifelong, from our youngest patients with their first tooth, through adolescence, young adults to adulthood. EJL Dental is a compassionate practice, dedicated to meeting all your oral health needs.

Inclusiveness is the Culture of our Practice

From the very beginning, Drs. Morgenstein and Levy established this practice, showing compassion for all family members. Understanding emotional and special needs was part of the culture. Fast forwarding to the present, we are proud to continue that legacy. Our team of professionals takes the time to know and understand our patients. We receive training in residency for treating children and adults of all abilities. In our practice, we listen carefully to create an individualized plan that will best meet the needs of the patient in partnership with parents and guardians. Our dentists, technicians and hygienists have the experience necessary to provide comprehensive dental care while keeping in mind the needs of the patient in a supportive environment.

Our office is state of the art, designed to accommodate every patient

Our facility is wheelchair accessible, from entry to exam. In our treatment rooms, we have the ability to use adaptive techniques to treat patients and meet our goal of providing excellent care for all family members, regardless of age or disability.

Making our patients feel comfortable

All patients can feel anxious at the thought of a visit to the dentist. It is our goal to create a safe and nurturing dental environment for all family members. This is especially important when treating our special needs patients. We are trained to listen, to modify our approach and understand a patient’s behavior to respond to their needs with compassion so as to reach our treatment goals. Every patient deserves excellence in dental care.

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