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Time Sure Does Fly When You’re Having Fun!

Staff | July 2020

Patti Stevenson attended Youngstown State University. She started out working as a Dental Assistant and then pursued various courses for Orthodontic Lab Construction to make orthodontic appliances. She was one of the first staff members of Drs. Morgenstein and Levy, founding partners of the dental practice known today as EJL Dental. Since 1972, Patti's journey with the practice has been nothing short of rewarding. Fast forward to 2020, Patti now works part-time with us, makes orthodontic appliances - including retainers and expansion appliances - and orders all of the supplies for our practice. 

Her time under the management of Drs. Morgenstein and Levy was filled with life-changing lessons. She grew as both a professional and an individual. Dr. Mortgenstein created a very family-oriented culture for his practice, and that same atmosphere remains today. EJL Dental continues to be innovative and patient-focused. We are a state-of-the-art practice that consists of Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, and General Dentistry. We can accommodate all of a family’s dental needs in one visit. One standard that Patti is very proud to see maintained over the years is our unparalleled level of service. Our staff goes above and beyond to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where parents and children can feel comfortable and well-cared for. Patti believes this makes us the premier dental office in Maryland. 

Over the years Patti has met and interacted with a number of our patients and formed meaningful relationships. Working with special needs patients is one thing she is particularly fond of. Some have difficulty taking care of their teeth and may need special dental appliances. Being able to make these appliances and see their happiness and pride in the way they look is so gratifying. These patients always have a soft spot in Patti’s heart and she does all she can to make their dental experiences easier. 

When Patti is away from work,  she enjoys cooking, gardening, and being with her grandson AJ,  who lives in Tampa. She places the highest value on honesty, hard work, integrity, loyalty, and kindness. She has surrounded herself with people who also emulate these admirable traits.  Her family and friends have inspired her to become the hardworking and loyal person she is today. 

Since life is all about balance, Patti gets her adrenaline rush from watching almost any sport. She especially likes auto racing, and over the years, has been to the Indianapolis 500 more than 40 times! When she’s not busy cheering on a team, she can be found enjoying the sweet melodies of rock and roll music. So the next time you visit EJL Dental, be sure to ask Patti about her favorite band! Visit us today, Patti and the rest of our team would love to cater to the dental needs of you and your family!

Photo of Patti and her son AJ

Patti and her grandson A.J.

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